Sherman Lake YMCA

Kalamazoo Mechanical installed the HVAC and hydronic piping on the Sherman Lake YMCA. The scope of work involved a new addition to the existing facility including a new gymnasium and classrooms. The facility received two new RTUs for the gym and bathroom areas, as well as packaged heating and cooling unit ventilators for the classroom areas. Kalamazoo Mechanical also installed an energy recovery ventilator. This unit recovers energy from the exhaust air and reuses it when introducing fresh outside air needed to meet code requirements. This project added air conditioning to an existing 30-ton air handling unit that was originally used solely for ventilation and heating. Heat for the building is supplied by an existing boiler and Kalamazoo Mechanical added over 600 feet of piping to serve the new addition. Kalamazoo Mechanical worked with Control Net LLC to add to the existing web-based controls system on this project.

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