Rickman House

The Rickman House project was a complete remodel of an eight-story apartment building, built in 1907 on Burdick Street in Kalamazoo Michigan.  Kalamazoo Mechanical designed and installed the complicated sheet metal ductwork on this project. The building’s century-old duct system required complete replacement. New ventilation air ductwork from each apartment connects to the energy recovery ventilator on the roof. New exhaust fans and ducts are installed for each of forty-nine apartments.  In addition, the building has supply air ductwork for many of the new heat pumps.  The age of the structure made the Rickman House project challenging, requiring Kalamazoo Mechanical to work around parts of the building that were designated for historic preservation. Also, the structural limitations of the building’s 1907 floor system required Kalamazoo Mechanical to develop methods for getting materials from the ground to the upper floors that put minimal stress on the building. Kalamazoo Mechanical worked closely with Rohde Construction and MSHDA to make the project a success.

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