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Rickman House

The Rickman House project was a complete remodel of an eight-story apartment building, built in 1907 on Burdick Street in Kalamazoo Michigan.  Kalamazoo Mechanical designed and installed the complicated sheet metal ductwork on this project. The building’s century-old duct system required complete replacement. New ventilation air ductwork from each apartment connects to the energy recovery ventilator on the roof. New exhaust fans and ducts are installed for each of forty-nine apartments.  In addition, the building has supply air ductwork for many of the new heat pumps.  The age of the structure made the Rickman House project challenging, requiring Kalamazoo Mechanical to work around parts of the building that were designated for historic preservation. Also, the structural limitations of the building’s 1907 floor system required Kalamazoo Mechanical to develop methods for getting materials from the ground to the upper floors that put minimal stress on the building. Kalamazoo Mechanical worked closely with Rohde Construction and MSHDA to make the project a success.

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Metro Toyota

The Metro Toyota project in Kalamazoo, Michigan included a large addition and complete remodel of the dealership located on Stadium Drive. Kalamazoo Mechanical performed the complete HVAC design and installation including, five new gas fired rooftop units for the showroom and service bays, fourteen new exhaust fans for the service bays, and twenty unit heaters.  The project also incorporated a new, web-based temperature control system, allowing the manager to monitor and control the climate in every area of the building from his computer. Kalamazoo Mechanical managed to meet the dealership’s need to remain open, serving their customers during the entire, large scale project. This was accomplished by working after hours, providing temporary heating, working around customers while meeting the demanding schedule.

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Goodletsville, Tennessee

Because of their large, open spaces, churches are among the most difficult buildings to heat and cool efficiently and economically, and Kalamazoo Mechanical was tasked with exactly that challenge during the construction of a new church in Goodletsville, Tennessee. The project required close cooperation between Kalamazoo Mechanical and local subcontractors to provide the full HVAC and temperature controls. The Goodletsville project incorporated packaged and split system heat pumps to serve the heating and cooling needs of the building. The result was complete customer satisfaction.

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Kalamazoo County Data Center

This project incorporated the replacement of three existing Liebert precision cooling units in Kalamazoo County’s data server facility. The two new, 8.5-ton Liebert units were installed to maintain a strict temperature and humidity set point in the growing data center. Kalamazoo Mechanical worked with county employees to make sure the construction process would not compromise the valuable server equipment. The climate needed to stay within a tight tolerance. Precautions included tarping systems, portable cooling systems, and exhaust fans. This was a challenging project because the new ceiling units were much larger than the existing units, and much care had to be taken while maneuvering the new units into position.

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Sherman Lake YMCA

Kalamazoo Mechanical installed the HVAC and hydronic piping on the Sherman Lake YMCA. The scope of work involved a new addition to the existing facility including a new gymnasium and classrooms. The facility received two new RTUs for the gym and bathroom areas, as well as packaged heating and cooling unit ventilators for the classroom areas. Kalamazoo Mechanical also installed an energy recovery ventilator. This unit recovers energy from the exhaust air and reuses it when introducing fresh outside air needed to meet code requirements. This project added air conditioning to an existing 30-ton air handling unit that was originally used solely for ventilation and heating. Heat for the building is supplied by an existing boiler and Kalamazoo Mechanical added over 600 feet of piping to serve the new addition. Kalamazoo Mechanical worked with Control Net LLC to add to the existing web-based controls system on this project.

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Big Lots Battle Creek

The Big Lots Battle Creek project involved a complete plumbing and HVAC remodel for an existing retail building. The store received two complete bathrooms, along with a new water heater, drinking fountains, and gas piping. Seven new RTUs serve the heating and cooling needs of the store. This system utilizes concentric diffusers to minimize ductwork which also reduced labor costs while maintaining HVAC performance. On this project KMI worked with the Big Lots corporate HVAC controls contractor to install a web-based temperature controls system.

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Kalamazoo Public Schools Arcadia Elementary

The complete mechanical remodel of Arcadia Elementary had an immovable deadline. The remodel of the system in this existing building had to be completed in its entirety before students returned. The, very aggressive, eight-week schedule involved a complete demolition of the existing mechanical system to make way for the new equipment before the project could start. The classrooms received packaged heating and cooling unit ventilators. The cafeteria received air handling units for heating and cooling.  A new RTU serves the offices.  Three new high-efficiency boilers along with a piping system deliver hot water heat.  This project incorporated a DDC, web-based control system, allowing the district facilities manager to monitor the building climate from his office off site.

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Portage Residence

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Boling Vision Center

The Boling Vision Center project involved the renovation of a 23,250 square foot optical vision clinic, in Elkhart, Indiana. Kalamazoo Mechanical installed the HVAC, plumbing and medical gas piping. The HVAC system incorporates three roof-mounted packaged units (RTUs) that include HEPA filtration capability. The duct work runs on the roof to conserve space in the surgery rooms below. The project’s laser room is served by a Liebert air handling unit that precisely controls the climate in the room. A new medical gas vacuum and supply system is provided throughout the building. The building is heated through the gas-fired RTUs. Two new, on-demand water heaters serve domestic water needs. The Boling Vision Center is also equipped with a fully integrated, web-based temperature control system. This medical facility required the highest level of air quality, temperature and humidity control. Testing and balancing the system was essential to satisfying the demanding environmental tolerances.

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National Heritage Academy

This two-story, 36 classroom, charter school in Ypsilanti, Michigan had an aggressive, 16 week total in-building construction schedule. Highly detailed coordination and constant communication with other skilled trades was essential in meeting the construction deadline. This project used a combination of roof-mounted packaged air handling units (RTUs) for the common areas and self-contained unit ventilators for the classrooms. This system gives each teacher control of his or her room. The building is heated by three, central hot water boilers and pumps that provide water to each classroom’s unit ventilators.

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Paw Paw Library

Kalamazoo Mechanical participated in the construction of a 20,000 square foot library in Paw Paw, Michigan. This was a LEED-certified project in which duct cleanliness, indoor air quality, trash recycling and separation, and VOC emitting materials were all monitored. This project incorporated an under-floor air distribution system powered by two air handling units in mechanical rooms on opposite ends of the building. The under-floor system is designed to minimize noise in the library. The building is heated from a central hot water boiler. The boiler also feeds an underground snowmelt system for the front patio.  This project is equipped with a fully integrated web-based temperature control system; allowing users to control the building’s climate from any desktop computer. Challenges included the complex paperwork required for LEED certification, as well as project management aspects of building commissioning and functional testing of the systems.

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